Today, I went on a date. And it was great. We played basketball and then we went for a ride on his moped…wind flying in my hair. To make a long story short, I really like this guy, but there is one HUGE flaw. No, he’s not an ex-con – been there – he has a decent job. Frankly, if it were Jerry McGuire, I’d say “You had me at 401K and good credit.” And he’s genuinely a good person.

But there’s a very moral dilemma I have. His religious beliefs don’t line up with mine…and that’s HUGE. I mean REALLY big. My friends know one of the first questions I ask about the guys they’re¬†dating is “are they saved.” To put it kindly, I can’t say this guy is saved. I can’t even say he has a relationship with Jesus at all. But I like him and at this point, it’s not that easy to let him go. I mean, while in my religious mind, I think that I should, my heart is really with him. He is literally everything that I want with that one exception. Okay, maybe there is more than one exception, but this is the biggest. Outside of this, I really like him.

So now, I don’t know what to do. Should I go or should I stay?

At this point, I’ve decided to stay…at least for a bit longer. One thing I will trust is that through prayer, it’ll work itself out. Either he’ll come to know Christ or the relationship will fizzle out one way or another.

The good thing is that this is just the beginning, and we’re not yet a thing.

If not anything, I can say the day was good. I literally went from “do I really like him” to “oh my gosh, I really like him in one in-person encounter.”

I can’t say I recommend this course of action for anyone, but I know myself. I’m stubborn and I don’t quit that easily. I’m not very strong when it comes to guys. They are kinda my kryptonite…especially when I like them. So, though the saying is insanely funny to me, I’m gonna have to say, “Jesus take the wheel.”

That’s hard enough for me, but I do still come with a heart of submission, wanting to do the right thing, knowing that I need His help, guidance, and will.