The beginning of 2014 was literally 367 days ago. Now that I look back, it’s amazing to IMG_2384see how much life can progress in those days. (For some reason, I’m not into talking about how life changed. It’s feeling more like movement than change…maybe this will prompt another post, who knows?)

Anyhoo…I ended 2014 determined to rid my life of drama within the next year. Check. On Jan. 4, I officially exited an abusive relationship. Yes. This is the first time I’m calling it for what it was online. I’ve told those close to me about it, but this is the first time you, my friends, have heard this.

My relationship wasn’t physically abusive; we can spot an abusive relationship a mile away. My relationship was emotionally and financially abusive. And I’m no longer in the mode of protecting that person. His actions were wrong and sometimes you just have to call a duck a duck. And these things need to be exposed for my freedom. For my sanity. For my ability to move on.

I’m no longer about saying he didn’t mean to do it. No longer about what he seemingly added to my life. He took from my life. He took my sanity. My peace. Me. And I’m taking my life back from this point on.

During my lifetime, I’ve been molested, taking advantage of sexually, and bullied. I’m over it.

It’s time to escape denial.

I’m no longer about being held back.

I am Regina, a strong, black, intelligent, EMPOWERED woman…and no one deserves to take that from me. I’m a child of the King, and I walk in that purpose this year.

I guess I’ll leave you with this; the most empowering piece of advice I received from my mom the day I decided to break up with my ex…Don’t let anyone make you feel like you’re less than what you are!

That piece of advice there broke the chains. If you’re in an abusive relationship, I pray you allow these words to help you find the freedom and the you that you deserve.

As for 2015, I will feel again. I will enjoy life again. I will be free again. Selah.