I am beautiful. I am empowered. I am strong. I am valuable.

Not one time did I hear that come out of the mouth of a dark-skinned girl in this film, and frankly, I am quite appalled. While I think the point of the documentary was to help dark-skinned women feel all of the above, I think the film fell short.

And so I admit, I stopped watching a little past halfway through.

Instead of hearing multiple affirmations of strength and self-esteem boosting commentary, the discussion surrounding why we have this separation of color and why guys preferred lighter skinned women prevailed. Personally, it felt like confirmation. It didn’t change minds, at the least, it felt like…well there may be hope; hope for the dark-skinned girl who is learning to love herself.

Yes. There were positive conversations regarding the preference of a dark-skinned female, even from the caucasian male, but the sense of self-hate and inner-race racism outshined any of the positivity.

So from a dark-skinned girls perspective, who has felt the disdain of being dark  and wishing to be light, who suffered from a bit of self-color hate; yet whose mother and father constantly bragged about their beauty, I’d like to help you understand what would help dark-skinned girls feel better about their skin.

1) Start with POSITIVE affirmations.

2) Remind them of all the beautiful dark-skinned people in the world

3) Remind them that mommy, daddy, grandma, cousins, and other relatives are dark-skinned and beautiful.

4) Remember that beauty results from confidence…and so does attractiveness.

5) Remind them about the positive things about being dark, such as dark skinned people have awesome complexions; sometimes seemingly flawless.

6) Remind them that they can do anything they put their mind do simply because they’re awesome.

7) When they encounter a mean person – one who calls them ugly – tell them what you think…and why.

8) Put a mirror in front of them and have them say on a daily basis “I am beautiful.”


Along with God, we only have each other…and I mean that as a human race. We’ve done enough of putting each other down… and even reminding one another of the negativity without positive solutions. While our history is important, let’s not let it overshadow our present and our future. Let’s not have our babies growing up hating themselves…especially for something as superficial as skin color. (Or anything else)

Love ya to pieces.